EventProcessors duplicate logs

In our application, we are logging the EventProcessors to a log file. I noticed that i am getting duplicate logs, and the logging happens in the same second
image, does this mean that the EventProcessors is being called more than once for a single event?

It shouldn’t be getting called twice and we’ve not encountered anything like this before. Have you got more than one processor for this event? I’m assuming you are seeing this for every event of this type (or every event of any type?).

If you can log a bit more information, you can see if it is the same event. Each event has a unique id (Id) which you can use to identify it. If you also log the processor that is firing, that will help you see what is going on.

I’d also make sure that there is not double config of the Logger (the Dolittle version and Serilog version). I would expect the timestamp to be much closer if it was but just something else to rule out.

There is the dolittle log