Aurelia 2 has been announced and is nearing a release.

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Some highlights that I found pretty cool:

  • VSCode integration with direct linking between bindables, observables, views, and custom attributes to their backing code representation
  • VanillaJS-like performance with JIT (Just in time) optimisations, and a new AOT (Ahead of Time) optimisations
  • Extensibility that allows you to emulate the syntax of other frameworks, like Angular / Vue etc
  • A continuous focus on Web Standards
  • Developer Experience has recieved som pretty considerable features, here are the ones I’m excited about
    • More lifecycle hooks, and they are now synchronous. (no more queueMicroTask!)
    • New Router :raised_hands:
    • Functional API’s
  • Multiple Integration scenarios that allow nesting of frameworks, and connecting other libraries directly in the underlying pipeline and more
  • Extensive Test Tooling support, helpers and libraries.

A lot of these improvements are raising the bar so high that we’re bound to see more developers discover the joys of using Aurelia, as well as making that transition a lot easier for them with extensibility points.

These features are also extremely relevant as you build, migrate and extend your applications using Dolittle. There are also a lot more extensibility points that Dolittle can plug in to improve the developer experience of building apps. There’s even the possibility of extending it with our own DSL, either working with Aurelia’s syntax or creating something specific for our apps.

I’m pretty excited about the future of Aurelia 2.

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